For $500 I’m prepared to get Naked & Angry!

A little while ago i submitted patterns to Naked & Angry, a community driven site focusing on pattern and textile design, created by skinnyCorp – the guys behind I was stoked to see my submissions approved, and shamelessly promoted myself to all my internerd friends, and then promptly forgot about it.

Tonight I came home from a friend’s place and decided to see how my little patterns were doing. To my surprise I saw that scoring had ended, so I zoomed around comparing my scores with the others in this batch… and I think my pattern “tuesday, florence” has come in the top five! Apparently the top five designs get printed on wallpaper or fabric, and sold on the site!

Of course, I could be jumping the gun here, but here’s to hoping!

Click to go to a bigger view, and then view full screen. Trippy!


  1. I joined just to vote for these, and to be quite honest there’s only one other entry in there that is even up to par with yours!

  2. hehe yup that was it. I don’t think it craps on yours at all!
    You were both very much in a league of your own compared to all the others.
    What was with all the garish tetris stuff!?

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