The Future Was Awesome!

I just stumbled across these gorgeous illustrations of the year 2000 as drawn in 1910, by way of Paleo-Future. The National Library of France credits these to Villemard, and though they seem laughable at first, when you think about it they’re not far off the mark if you replace the clothing, architecture and technologies with more recent ones.

At School

I was going to be a teacher until I actually started teaching. I saw schools cramming information into kids’ heads and I saw those kids struggling with that. Why can’t we teach them what they want to know, of things they have an actual aptitude for?!

Correspondence Cinema

This one is easy. Web cams?! Video phones?! The future is here… unfortunately ;)

Hearing The Newspaper

We not only have screen readers for visually impaired computer users but pod casts as well!

Phonographic Message

My very own personal bane – voice messages and telephones… ugh!

A Curiosity

I honestly can’t remember the last time I saw a horse in its natural environment. They’re trotted out (ha!) for entertainment these days rather than utilised as transportation or simply left to their own free will.

A Rescue

In Australia we have the Royal Flying Doctor Service for rural areas, as well as the CareFlight Group – a helicopter based service for coastal and sea search and rescue missions.

A Chemical Dinner

Of all the illustrations, this rung true the most. We live in an age wherein most of us have no idea where our food is sourced from. Most of it is bog full of chemicals, colouring, preservatives and flavour enhancers. It’s kind of ridiculous if you reflect on it for too long, and makes you more than a little paranoid about what you put in your mouth!


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