Avast, I’m still alive.

I sort of had a break from stressing myself out for a few weeks, hence my lack of posts. Sorry, about that – then again, who knows if anyone missed me!

A few things have happened – I went on a week’s leave from work to start to rehabilitate my arm. I’ve mentioned my RSI before; but my work’s Rehab Officer got really concerned about it when I told her about downing codeine every day, and she sent me off to relax so I could start on my journey to full movement and no more tingling and/ or pain! I’ve seen a Musculoskeletal doctor and some Occupational Therapists, and endured cortisone shots and poking, prodding, pushing and non-stop bandage wearing! People are actually nice and helpful if you’ve got a bandage somewhere, it’s rather odd!

I’ve also sold a few paintings, which has done wonders for my confidence. While I know I can design advertisements and billboards, sew outfits and draw and paint I have very little confidence that I can actually do those things well. Selling some of the things I’ve made has been very satisfying. People actually get a kick out of what I can do, so it’s nice. It’s hard to get over the attitude of “they’re only buying this painting because they feel sorry for me”.

My fiance bought me a Riso PG-11 Gocco system for my birthday (so, my birthday’s in December….!!) and it arrived today. Look forward to a whole new bunch of craftiness!! Most of all, I’m looking forward to designing and printing our wedding invitations for next year.

Below are some gocco prints that have caught my eye tonight. There are more on my favourites page!

Gocco Favourites October 07

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