Wedding Favour Ideas from Cox & Cox

Cox & Cox Wedding Favours

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Cox & Cox have some really cute and innovative ideas for wedding favours. They’re also favours you can put together yourself, without being out of pocket thanks to the horrendous exchange rate!

1. Wedding Matches – You can print on some nice card stock and create a box for these matches (I’ve seen matches with pink tips too!) using fusible web or roll-on adhesive strips.

2. Name Place Vases & Hand-Made Cards – Wholesale flower markets usually have a really wide variety of vases for centrepieces and even smaller. These tiny vases shouldn’t set you back much, and if you’re buying in bulk you should get a discount. The hand made cards are so quaint and adorable! You can recycle paper you have on hand at home and create your own hand made paper by following a simple paper making tutorial. Grab a calligraphy pen or even a quill and pen the names yourself!

3. Sweet Talking Chocolates – You can buy bonbonniere chocolates and sweets in bulk from speciality wedding supply stores for a considerable discount. Print your own slogans and sayings using a laser printer or Gocco set and wrap them around the sweets, securing with fusible web or adhesive strips.

4. Love Origami – This is my favourite! Remember making these little origami style fortune tellers in primary school? I do! You can buy some really nice card stock from an art supply store or make your own paper, write or print your design, sayings and fortunes and follow these instructions to fold up your own love origami!


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