Another print on demand site – Red Bubble

So, I’ve joined another print on demand site called After joining imagekind the other week, I’ve been sniffing around other services to see if I can go one better…. and I have!!

Red Bubble is an amazing community of artists, writers and photographers and offers t-shirts, laminated prints, cards, posters, mounted prints, canvas prints and framed prints. While you can’t customise the matt board and frame to the same extent as on, you can buy a wider variety of products – including t-shirts. So instead of going through all the hassle of rating and waiting on threadless, you simply create and upload your design and BAM, it’s available! I also love that you can buy cards – buying art in a smaller format is wonderful for me, because I have an “inspiration wall” at home that is aching to be filled up with yummy eye candy.

And – the most awesome thing? Red Bubble is Australian and based in Melbourne. That rocks! I’ve been really disappointed in the lack of fabulous Australian sites. The great thing is that there are lots of artists around the globe involved in this community. They print in both Australia and America, and I’ve heard that a UK office is just starting up too.

Over the next few weeks I’m going to scope out the best of Red Bubble and post it all here for your enjoyment. Of course, don’t forget that I’m selling my own illustrations there too!


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