What Natalie Bought…

So, over the last few weeks I’ve bought quite a few things online. Mostly due to having money in my PayPal account (yay freelance illustrating!) and having to buy general wedding pretties. I want to show you the lovely things I’ve purchased!

I posted about Delia’s inspirational jewellery last month, and this month I decided to buy the stackable rings. I can’t wait to get them! Visit Delia’s etsy store.

Braidy does these insanely gorgeous watercolours with divinely inspired colour schemes. I bought these, and the pieces below, from RedBubble as cards. They’re great quality, I didn’t think the colours would be so rich but they really impressed me!

Modern Woman” by dendoo and “Corset” by Michelle Giacobello.

I’ve also been in touch with the really awesomely kind person who volunteered to try and get me a copy of “The Emerging Portfolio of Marian Bantjes on Sundance“, and after months and months of trying to talk to Fox River Papers they’ve managed to snag me a copy and they’re now sending one to me! I tell you, it’s really hard to try and get limited edition stuff like this out here. When I get my copy I will take photos – Marian is one of my super duper heroes and she should be one of yours too!

I bought some 30cm wide white lanterns for our wedding in April. Now I have to find either egg shaped lanterns or 20cm wide ones just to mix it up a bit.

Our monogram In other wedding related purchases, I have bought materials for our invitations and also for fascinators that I’m making for myself and my bridesmaids. I am DIYing quite a bit for the event. Call me crazy, call me a control freak – but at the end of the day our bank balance will thank us!!

I am using my Print Gocco to print our monogram (left) in gold. I’ve been punching up a storm and severely harming whatever healing that has occurred in my injured wrists!!! Scrapbooking punches were not created to punch 200gsm paper. I found a fabulous site called feathersonline.com.au and I’ve bought almost everything for our fascinators including the beautiful feathers below. If you’re in Australia and you’re after feathers or millinery supplies, I highly recommend these guys just on price alone! I also bought some baubles and flowers at Spotlight today.

The goose stripped nagoire feathers are for the bridesmaids and the badger feathers are for me!

I’m pretty lucky to have a Stitch n Bitch group in my city which consists of awesome people who know about lots of different things. I’ll definitely be calling on their wisdom for the fascinators in particular – I will be sure to post pictures of my DIY efforts when they are all completed (and maybe some tutorials)!


  1. I am totally being a modern woman! I grabbed my mail on the way out and opened the package in my mum’s car. She said she loved your card!

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