Never were truer words spoken…

By Chris Piascik [via Meet Me at Mikes].

I am in the middle of trying to get back in to drawing. My arm has been incredibly painful in recent months so I’ve tried to lay off the intensive drawing sessions. I need to organise a proper drawing space with a tilted surface but I just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

What is this?

This is part of the new series… “fancy hair” is my work in progress title. I need to buy some more 0.1 black pens because mine ran out!

I got myself a tumblr account so I can post strictly images I like and bits of my work. Follow me if you want to!

Don’t forget, Drawing Day 08 is coming up on June 7. I’m hoping to get a whole heap of RedBubblers involved and I’ll post my favourite DD08 drawings here. If you’re joining in on DD08, or if you just want to participate by blogging it, let me know because I’ll add links to other DD08 posts in my entries!