Drawing Day 08 on Red Bubble

Drawing Day was FUN on Red Bubble! thickblackoutline and Natalie Tyler graciously hosted the Drawing Day group, and even had a mini-challenge to draw a new avatar in the forums.

Drawing Day Aftermath by Mui-Ling Teh
Three Ways to Be by Ann Morgan

Drawing Girl by Niculina Florian

self portrait… goggly-eyed freak by Paul McClintock
(Paul and I tied as winners of the DD avatar challenge!)

student life, drawing day by mimmam

The runaway princess fairy by dimarie

dressing by kaberoo

Sketch Book Scribbles by Johdie Lee

The Cartoon Wizard weathers the Color Witch’s Storm by CW2

Want to see more? Ok!

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Drawing Day 08 on dimarie designs
Drawing Day – June 7th 2008 on Photography of Grace