Plurkin’ awesome

If you’ve got a Twitter account you might have experienced the really irritating outages that have been happening of late, but never fear! Plurk is here to save you from your dawdling moments on the internet! I got an account a few days ago, and I’ve been addicted ever since.

Reasons why you should stop Tweeting and start Plurking:

  • The interface – it’s a gantt chart! Some say it’s tricky to get a hang of, but I thought it was pretty easy: new plurks appear on the left, old plurks disappear to the right.
  • Karma! Karma is like crack. You will find yourself plurking, re-plurking, sharing and commenting to increase your stats and get more emoticons and other easter eggs.
  • It’s like a social micro-blogging IM system – you can have conversations in response to your friends’ plurks. New responses appear in real time.
  • Everyone is really friendly. The userbase is reportedly around 8000, which isn’t much, so everyone seems really friendly. I find Twitter to be very impersonal, and find it hard to really connect with people there, even people I know in real life!
  • This is real networking. You can share links, images and videos with your friends and then discuss them!
  • Permalinked plurks. You can @message other users like on Twitter, but Plurk has permalinks for all plurks and responses, so you can refer to them forever! Check out one of my plurk permalinks.
  • Plurk has its own language.

So, if you’re interested in jumping ship or if you’ve never tried micro-blogging before – why not have a look? I have linked to my referral page, so when you sign up you’ll instantly be my friend and start following my plurks. It also means I get points that go towards earning stars!

Of course, you don’t have to use the referral link but stars are nice, aren’t they? :P