What tools do you use?

my pen collection

Pens. PENS! I love pens.
I used to be the stationery queen at one of my old jobs, and I got to order all the stationery for the company. I pretty much hated it, but I loved flipping through the catalogue looking at all the pens.

The other week I ordered some stuff through JetPens, and was pleasantly surprised by the arrival of my package only a few days later. Living on this brown island, you get used to websites that don’t ship to Australia and incredibly slow shipping times so it was nice to receive a couple of packages (one was this gorgeous brooch from Elsa Mora!) so soon after ordering.

And now, some pen porn!

JetPens, I think I love you

Pilot drawing pens

Sakura Pens

What tools do you use every day?


  1. Argh, it’s an issue with my host. What a pain in the butt, not to mention embarrassing! Thanks for letting me know!

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