I can’t stop bragging about my mac

Strawberry and Lime

After nearly a decade of waiting and pining and swooning and cursing, I finally got a mac! I feel glee every time I need to use it, and apparently that feeling never really goes away which is AWESOME!

I’ve been pretty busy lately, I’m attending a free business course so I can learn how to run a kick arse business. Buses suck so much, so do all the people in the city. I think I want to live in the mountains now, more than I want to live in New York City!

The above drawing is the first I’ve done since I got my iMac, not that you can tell :D

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  1. HEY!! I love all your work! I could just stare at it in awe all day long. Anyways you mentioned on your flickr page that you “finished” that illustration with your mac…are you referring to how you imported or scanned it?? Or do you add the colors and touch up on your computer??! I’m just getting into sketching and doodling and I’m just curious! <3

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