Pen review: Copic Multiliner, Pilot Hi-Tec-C, Tradio Pulaman and the Pentel Outline marker

I love pens!

I got my order from JetPens last week and I was so excited I thought I’d do a review. I ordered the 0.03 Copic Multiliner SP, the 0.3 Pilot Hi-Tec-C, the Tradio Pulaman fountain pen and for fun, the Pentel Outline Marker.

I love pens!
I bought the Copic Multiliner in the finest available size, 0.03, so I could see just how fine a line I could get from it. It is definitely the finest tipped pen I own now! I feel like I ought to be super delicate with the tip though, and forget about quick up-strokes or curves – you definitely need to know where you’re placing your line with this pen. The ink isn’t true black either – I don’t know if that’s a result of the super fine nib or if the ink colour is indeed slightly feint.

I love pens!
Yuki recommended the Pilot Hi-Tec-C to me when I was looking for fine tipped pens. I was dubious because I have worked only with felt tip pens, and these are a gel pen. I was pleasantly surprised when I started doodling with the Hi-Tec-C though – the flow of ink is perfect, the colour is lovely and the line is fine. However, it doesn’t hold a candle to the 0.03 Copic above! This is a great pen for writing, it’s so smooth!

I love pens!
I have looked longingly at fountain pens for a while, knowing that if I scratched the itch I’d only end up with a rash. I found the Tradio Pulaman while browsing and decided I’d purchase it because it was reasonably priced and had a felt tip (which is more familiar to me, natch). I really really love writing with it, but I wish the felt nib was finer because it’s a little heavy in my mind.

I love pens!I love pens!
Click the above images to get an idea of the felt nib, and the little “splashbacks” you get whenever you draw a curved line. I quite like the effect!

I love pens!
And finally, the fun pen! The Pentel Outline Marker basically has two inks, a heavier dark ink sinks to the bottom and forms a “stroke” of sorts around the silver ink. I wish you could get this in a white “fill” colour instead of the silver.

I ordered a 0.10 Rotring Rapidograph from ebay last week as well – I can’t wait to see how fine it is!


  1. I *love* this post, Natalie! I like how you combine the handwritten demonstration & review within the framework of a blog.

  2. I love, love, love the Copic Multiliner. It’s generally impractical, but I love using it to take notes between lines in my literature textbooks. Handy.

  3. Thanks for the review Natalie. The pictures give a good comparison.

    How about another factor? How waterproof are the Copic and Hi-Tec-C? Are they suitable for line and wash work?

  4. I stocked up on the Copics the other day – got six pens of varying sizes etc and absolutely love them.

    You can get replacement nibs for them too just in case you were thinking of getting crazy and harsh with yours :)

  5. I’m too terrified to get too creative with my pens – which is sooooo wrong! But I am loving them – I’ve got the brush versions which are just a delight too.

  6. In the comments of my last pen review, Bob asked about the waterproof-ness of the Copic and the Pilot pens I had road tested. He was specifically interested in how they’d wash I think, so upon figuring out my new Rotring Rapidograph just before I deci

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