Happy anniversary!

The Wedding

A year ago Nick and I got married at Newstead Park! I love looking back at our wedding photos which were shot by Kate. Especially because she got moments like this one – after I stood in dog crap barefoot and Nick cleaned it off for me!

Anniversary mosaic!

Yes there were nicer moments too, but I think the funny moments really capture exactly what Nick and I are like!

Mt Tamborine holiday

A few days ago we went to the mountains to celebrate, kind of like what we did after the wedding except we went down the coast this time to Mt Tamborine. It was lovely, but I wasn’t anywhere near as impressed with our accommodation as I was last time. Highlights included: Curtis and Cedar Creek Falls and the glowworms at Cedar Creek Estate!

Photo by milkthebasic.

I am just in love with glowworms now – and if you go see them, do be sure not to take any white light into their habitat as it kills them! Just cover your torch (or camera display) with red cellophane ;) I couldn’t take any photos while I was in the cave at the estate, but their “traps” have snared my imagination, they are like the most beautiful jewellery!


  1. Happy Anniversary. I love your wedding pics. I wish I would have had such lovely photos to remember mine. I hope you have a happy long life together.

  2. Wow! What amazing photos – it looks like you had an awesome day. It is great to see such fun in photos instead of the staid posed thing. Your dress (and you) are just stunning by the way.

    Gorgeous blog, you’ve got some fabbo things here and I can see I’m going to waste a bit of time here…

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