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Flower Baubles
Ms Mitzy asked me for a custom illustration – she particularly loves my flower balls, and wants to get them tattooed on her! I couldn’t actually bring myself to title this “Flower Balls” so it is henceforth known as “Flower Baubles”. There, much more lady-like!

Senorita Makalita took a photo of the canvas print she bought, out of the packaging and up on the wall, and if I say so myself… it looks great! I’m never really sure about printing to canvas (especially for photos) but Red Bubble have proven it definitely suits my work, hahah!

In other news: Beth Ditto’s line at Evans launched today. Ms B.Ditto divides opinion, but I quite admire her adventurous take on fashion. I was one of those crazy fat ladies hitting refresh on the domino dress page, waiting until I could buy it. I think within the very minute sales were enabled, I had hit the checkout. I am that rabid about this dress!

I am pretty much 99% sure you will see me wearing this at the opening night of the Illustrators show at KILN. Fabulous. Now if someone can find me a pair of flat red ankle boots…


  1. Flower baubles are stunning. I’m super happy with the canvas print… the quality is fantastic and all the details are captured perfectly!

    Cannot wait for the Domino dress OMG

    You take custom orders for tattoos?? I want a big phoenix/peacock-esque bird with a really swirly, detailed tail running from collarbone to mid-back… would you draw one for me when I get some $$ together?

  2. Natalie I love that picture! Nice baubles. Very cool.

    And right now I’m listening to “Heavy Cross” – good timing!

    When is this show at Kiln? I haven’t already missed it have I?

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