Blog Love!

I’ve been featured on two awesome blogs this week and it isn’t even really Monday. Oh it is? Well… shit.

The lass behind Young, Fat and Fabulous is Gabi, and I’ve known her for quite a few years on this here internets! I’m really stoked that her blog is enjoying such success, and very honoured that she asked if I’d like to be a YFF girl of the moment. Daww!

When I posted some more of my images that poked gently at whimsy, Daydream Lily thought they were hilarious and posted them on her blog – which is full of whimsy!

Goddamned whimsy.
You can buy these as prints now! Click on any of these images or head over here to buy one.

Twee cats Deer heads


  1. I was super happy to see you featured as a YFF girl because, in your words, you are fucking fancy. :D Congrats.

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