Fanciful Friday

I’ve been slaving away over cupcakes which turned out to be complete duds after I left out the eggs, so I have baking on the brain. Today’s Fanciful Friday is going to be a baking edition!

• A hootie cake! This gorgeous owl cake was made by lady_lala “for a nice boy”. Awww man! I really want to make cupcake owls!

• Superhero groom’s cupcakes! I’m not quite sure what the tradition is with groom’s cakes because I’ve never heard of it before, but these look amazing! There are heaps more if you go over to lookcupcake‘s flickr!

• I love how these cupcakes by Sugar & Meringue are all decorated differently… it makes me think that not all cupcakes need to be uniform and precisely like each other, especially when they could all have cute designs like these!

Bakerella always deserves a mention when it comes to baking… and these apple cake pops look fantastic! I’ve never even seen coloured candy melts in Australia, but I want to try these one day. I wonder if you can make the cake balls out of an apple sponge cake? I think I’d really crave the apple flavour if I tried to make these.

• Panda cakes! These were made by Coco Cake Cupcakes.

Emo birthday slice for Sam
• I’ll leave you with the emo slice I made for my brother. I’ve realised that the red velvet recipe I posted here a few months ago is missing something crucial… the bit where you add eggs! I’ll amend the recipe eventually – I hope I haven’t completely ruined anyone’s cupcake snacking plans! Basically what I did to salvage this is mix a bunch of cream cheese into the crumbled cupcakes, spread it over a slice pan and then ice it. The “Emo Bigotry” design is an in-joke ;)

Don’t forget! If you like baking stuff, you can follow our Eat, Sleep, Cupcake tumblr blog.


  1. If you’re looking for cupcake recipes without eggs you should get a copy of Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World by Isa Chanda Moskowitz :)

  2. Oh dearie me, I agree with you completely about Bakerella’s Apple cake pops. I tried to make them out of an apple and cinnamon cake I’d made. The cake pops themselves were lovely tasting, but as it’s ridiculously expensive to get Candy Melts over here (I have to buy them from the Wilton site), I ended up using good quality whilte melting chocolate and candy colouring. Not nearly the same effect, unfortunately. :(

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