Happy Father’s Day!

My Father's Father's day card

It’s Father’s Day in Australia and New Zealand tonight, so we went over to Mum and Dad’s to have a big family dinner. I gave Dad this card, which I made from reclaimed materials (including: card from Reverse Garbage, drawing from my notebook and paper from Frankie magazine).

We also made Dad special home made strawberry jam, or “Boonge’s Conservative Conserve”. I can never remember where “Boonge” came from, but it’s a name bestowed on Dad by some of my uncles on a fishing trip many years ago.

Anyway when I went over, Dad told me that he’d come across some photos of his Mum’s family, taken in 1945 by Pix Magazine. They lived in a mining town that had been producing munitions during the war, and the magazine was looking at the effect the end of the war had on families in the town.

Rudge family in Pix Magazine in 1945
This is my great-grandfather, who was a power attendant in the factory. He was also a part-time boxer and through the magic of google, Dad’s been in touch with the son of the man who lost a finger and the match to my great-grandfather!

Rudge family in Pix Magazine in 1945
This is most of my grandmother’s family – she’s sitting on the far side of the table, just right of the centre.

Pretty cool, eh?! I love the internet!


  1. LOVE the Father’s Day card – he must have been a v happy Daddy! Great old skool pics, too!

    Natalie: you are the bomb. The only way I know how to contact you is through commenting. Do you have an email address I could reach you on? I have lots of (positive!) feedback/thoughts on your site and thought you might wanna hear ’em!

    Best x

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