Augmented Reality and Esquire magazine

I just stepped into the 21st century the other week: I got an iPhone. The best part about having an iPhone is having an iPhone – they’re just so lovely and sleek and well designed. It’s like having the internet by my side, where ever I am (so long as I have Optus coverage!) I’ve used the Epicurious app to look up recipes, found my way to the airport with Google maps, and freed up about two hours a day where I don’t have to sit at my iMac.

The one app I’ve not downloaded is an augmented reality app. I’m not entirely sure I want my reality augmented, because it’s hard enough trying to separate the fact from the fiction. Governments lie to us, the pictures we look at aren’t especially truth, and anyone with enough money can bias anything. Augmented Reality has scared me, insofar as it could just be another veil to rip off. Luckily, at the moment, Augmented Reality has kept itself to small, amusing and sometimes useful things – like this month’s issue of Esquire magazine, demonstrated in the above video.

I can’t deny that it’s cool – it’s actually really super awesome in terms of providing even more content. I just worry that if I choose not to opt into Augmented Reality, that I’d miss out on things – and I’m the sort of person with enough privilege who can choose to opt in and out!

What do you think? Have you seen any other cool/ scary examples of Augmented Reality?


  1. It is a bit creepy… if you didn't know how it worked, the concept almost seems like magic.

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