Friday Fance: Shiny things

I very nearly didn’t submit my report today because I just didn’t feel like it. Instead, I put on some music and squeezed out some fance!

Mr. Fancy
⇒ Incredible needlework by benjibot, asking all the hard questions. Who DID die and make you Mr. Fancy? Hmmm?

⇒ For a while I was completely obsessed with the Large Hadron Collider, so I was glad to see these amazing photos come up in my Google Reader. Shiny. Fancy. Amazing!

Mrs. T. Charlton Henry in her Chestnut Hill home, Philadelphia, PA
⇒ When I grow up I want to be Mrs. T. Charlton Henry and sit for a photo with an incarnation of Diane Arbus. So fancy it hurts!!

Anna French wallpaper
⇒ This Anna French wallpaper could have been torn from the pages of The Fancy Wall Fanciers Quarterly. Well, it could have been if such a wondrous publication existed.

⇒ I wish I knew who shot this, but I got it from Luxirare. I think it sums up my mission statement quite well: Science, big hair and fashuns!
*ETA: It’s photographed by Eugenio Recuenco – taker of amazing photographs.


  1. Gosh, look at Mrs T Charlton Henry's hair – I wonder if it was coloured that pale pink, or blue or even mauve shade that some little old dears have when they reach a certain age?!

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