Creepy TV ads from my childhood

This jingle has always creeped me right out, and now they’re using it in a revised ad (I think with some of the original talent?) People think I’m strange when I start moaning “more, moooore, MOOOOORE, MORE BUTTERMILK” but it’s the ad that’s making me do it. I swear.

GOBBLEDOCKS. I was just out of that age group where I was scared of imaginary creatures, but it was still creepy!

Apparently the Antz Pantz ad won the best ad in Australian TV advertising, but when it came out I was kind of agog at the sexualisation and the echidna and the ants and I never knew where to look when it was on.

Mortein never managed to kill Louie the Fly since creating him in the 60s. I think they more successfully branded all flies as “Louies” (that’s what my Dad always used to call them!)

YAY SEXISM. But damn it’s a catchy jingle.

Man sized thirst! You’ve gotta crack a Solo! I always liked drinking Solo because well, I enjoyed it and I wanted to stick it to The Man.

Hands down, the skeeviest ad AND product name… EVER.


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