A feminist post, accidentally on purpose?

This chart for discerning a wife’s wifeliness just popped up in my dashboard on Tumblr, and I had a little giggle about it and though I should post it here for some lite blog content over the holiday period. I thought I should credit the original source, The Art of Manliness, because that’s the polite thing to do.

At the blog, I found the husband’s version of the chart but also a whole pile of “What about Teh Mens” crying. I’m sorry that society was holding you to the standard that you should rightly be held today, while women were forced to pander to your every whim but now can rightfully tell you to sod off!

So I apologise that it isn’t entirely light-hearted content, but I still wanted to post it regardless! And just for fun, I added up just how wifely I am, and got a -6. WOO!


  1. I was quite offended by both of these, actually. Sure, there are a handful of points between the two about what makes a good husband/wife (moreso in the husband's and less in the wife's), but the vast majority of these points are dated and sexist. It'd be interesting to see a contemporary version of this list, although it'd probably be just as offensive.

  2. Keep in mind, these are now (generally) anarchronistic. Hilarious in many ways – it is funny how people used to think.

    I like how the wife gets demerits for flirting with men at parties and in restuarants. Hey, doesn't say anything about flirting elsewhere though! Stuff that up your PHD and smoke it, Crane. Husband marked down for snoring – something that cannot often be consciously controlled.

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