A day for doodling

I haven’t really had time to work on any personal art in the last few months and I worry sometimes that if I don’t take time out for myself that I’ll forget about all the things I want to say and draw. Yesterday I took a day off to recover from some busy weeks (and yep, the holiday!) and thought I’d take my pen to the latest issue of frankie which has ample space for doodling facetious little things.

I read popular culture a lot more deeply these days, and while I avoid most of it, some things are still palatable – frankie being one of those things. It’s not without its problems, in particular I find it to be quite homogenous in the sort of people it represents (white and young and left-leaning and fairly financially comfortable). When I do my little snarky doodles I’m not mocking the models themselves, rather I’m asking questions of the branding and positioning of the magazine itself (and any other magazine I doodle on!) So I submit these doodles without comment for you to think about and perhaps discuss in the comments between yourselves :D

A Lifetime of Conditioning

It's cool


  1. I really liked these and I definitely relate to your feelings about Frankie. I am glad that it exists and I tend to enjoy a lot of the content but it isn't without some serious faults. Gorgeous drawings. Love your work!

  2. Thank you! Yes, sometimes I feel like a bit of a hypocrite because I buy every frankie but I figure that if you can't critically read the material you like, then it's just about following blindly.

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