Dress me down for summer.

A digital illustration of me wearing a bikini surrounded by cut out dresses and shorts from Asos, Virtu and Sara.

I hate summer. I don’t understand why people rave about it because where I live at least, its an intolerable chunk of the year infused with sweat, chub rub, heat exhaustion and wearing far too many clothes. Since moving to the coast I’ve been a lot more casual in my dressing, so much so that I’ve felt a bit bashful about sharing my outfits here, but I’ve decided the embrace the dressing-down because there’s no point living near the beach if you can’t run around in shorts and a t-shirt.

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find many shorts to my liking, and have only found a pair of cheap denim shorts at Best & Less, but what I’d really like are shorts of all different colours. I went on a browser window shopping spree for the first time in months to see if any of my regular haunts could supply me with my desires but was disappointed. I did find some cute dresses though!

In the end, I think I might actually buy some fabric and make a pattern from the denim shorts I have. I would like to sew some more dresses too, but can’t find any dress patterns I like!

The clothes I’ve got my eye on:
ASOS CURVE Printed Dress With Pussybow
ASOS CURVE Exclusive Floral Dress
ASOS CURVE Exclusive Chino Short
ASOS CURVE Exclusive Blue Bird Print Skirt
Virtu Hampton Dress
Sara Striped Dress
Virtu Urban Short


  1. Shorts are surprisingly easy to make!When making them, I tend to make ones in light fabrics a bit longer – close to knee length – because otherwise the magnificent motion of my thighs bunches them up in my crotch! 

  2. I am with you–I am not a fan of summer. This year I moved to a relatively high-latitude location where it never gets very hot and I am LOVING it! (Also I’m a big fan of winter fashions–bring on the leg warmers, I say!) I hope you have great fun making yourself some awesome shorts!

  3. I keep looking at that pussybow dress on the ASOS site but I’m not sure how the sizing would work for me since it comes in tight under the boobs (and I don’t).

  4. I couldn’t get through summer without lightweight cropped footless tights. Gets rid of that chafing. Only problem is when they cut into your calf. (Muscle, not bovine. That’s a whole other story.)

  5. I feel much the same about summer actually lol. I can never really find shorts that sit nice on me and shopping for board-shorts drives me crazy (I’ve just bought some City Chic ones and wore them out for the first time on Sunday!), I think I basically live in cropped footless tights too!

    And I totally just bought that ASOS bird print skirt! :)

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