Might I ask a favour?

You might remember this from when I wrote about entering this piece in the Red Bubble/ Stefen Sagmeister collaboration; it’s open for voting now and if it’s not too out of your way, I would love you to vote for me! Thank you!

My TED696 entry is up!

Go to tedcreated.com.au, click on the GALLERY page and scroll on down until you see my piece of fabulosity. Click on it and drag the slider to “I’m diggin it!” You can vote every day, so keep going back every day to vote on mine! I wish I could direct link, but it’s flash :(

Stop. Request Time.

Now that I have more time I’d like to be able to focus on contributing more to the knowledge base available for Adobe Illustrator on the world wide interweb tubes. If you have a tutorial request, or a simple question, let me know so I can start planning a series of posts on de-mystifying this…