Colour Trend – Green and Brown

Green and Brown Mood Board I can’t get enough of green and brown at the moment. There’s just something so lovely and fresh about this colour combination that makes me happy. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that spring has begun here in Australia, and I’ve latched on to such a natural and bright colour scheme!

1. Veins, Brown, Green, 2. Brown under the green, 3. Green, Purple, and Brown, 4. Brown and green, 5. brown and green, 6. brown/green rockstar feets, 7. green and brown chairs, 8. brown + green circle choker, 9. Green and Brown, 10. green and brown, 11. yellow, green & brown, 12. Green-Brown lines, 13. green & brown, 14. green&brown (??????&?????), 15. Green & Brown Candy Sticks, 16. green & brown, 17. Green Purple and Brown, 18. Brown and Green

Created with fd’s Flickr Toys.


  1. You can see my current obsession with green and brown, and also in the second image my now waning obsession with red and cream. In the near future I hope to start investigating putting my little scratchings to print, and I’m going to look into a pres

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