Books + RGB = Super Nerdy Love

If you read you’ve probably seen this already: an amazing flickr group called “Rainbow of Books” dedicated to pictures of people’s bookcases that have been organised by colour.

This excited me so much I had to go and rearrange our book case. And that was when I discovered that a lot of my books are in a big packing box somewhere or strewn across the cosmos… and the rest have either black or white spine art. Lame!

Most of my books have black or white spines

Why do the Harry Potter books have three blocks of three very different colours on the spines? I literally pondered for five minutes at this quandry. My “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” books are all different editions, therefore all have different spine art, therefore are all split up in the RGB spectrum. This annoyed me much.

Will I go to drastic lengths to rectify this? Probably not ;)


  1. They look so beautiful!
    When I buy a decent bookshelf, I will endeavour to arrange my books like this. So appealing to the eye.

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