Free vectors – Flowers

This post marks the first of my free vector shapes posts, and today I’m offering a cute flower shape in positive and negative. I saw this flower in a piece of fabric and thought it’d be nice to turn into a vector shape for future use. has been offering fabulous FREE vector resources for ages, and I thought I’d give something back after having so many sites (like help me out when I need a random vector and I only have half an hour!

Stay tuned for more free vector based shapes and brushes on a weekly basis!

Download CS3 .ai file – Vector Flowers

Download .svg file – Vector Flowers


  1. hi natalie.. thanx a ton for the freebie. lovely stuff. wanted to know one thing since am relatively new to illustrator. how did u get the vector design in ur ‘’ design (on the top right corner) to appear over and under those letters seamlessly? it looks wonderful. would be great if u share the technique.

  2. G’day – thanks for the compliments!
    The graphic in my blog header is one I made myself – but I can show you how to make the flourishes “weave” in between the letters!

    It’s a great idea for a blog post, cheers!

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