Lace earrings – how perfectly lovely

You know I’m a sucker for craft and motif. On my search for jewellery making tutorials, I came across Prismera’s Lace Earring tutorial, and it reminded me so much of a pair of earrings I actually own! Last year I met Keena online, and saw a few pictures in which she was wearing these totally awesome crocheted earrings. I had to have some – DAMN THE COST!

So I emailed her and told her to take my money and get some of those earrings into my ears! She and her mother came up with the design, and I had a feeling that crocheted jewellery would be hot hot hot in the next year. Lo and behold, the crochet revolution came upon us, and even I’m trying to learn how to do it! My mother thinks I have a freaky talent for trend spotting. I can’t explain how I know things are going to be hot, I just get a vibe from things.

Any way, here are my earrings from Keena – I love them, and think they’re wonderfully unique and a bit crazy (like me, ha!) Viva la crochet revolution!