Wish list – acrylic and wood

I’ve been pretty busy lately, however this week I actually resigned from my job to focus on arting and crafting for a little while! I’ve got lots of ideas and pretty soon you’ll be able to purchase some of their tangible forms :D

At any rate, it’s that horrible time of year again… it’s almost my birthday! I was born on December 20, and hardly anyone gives a rats about me on my birthday because they are too busy with Christmas. Poo on that I say. I present to you a list of things I desire.

Broadhurst pendant necklace by Lola & Bailey
Florence Broadhurst is one of my heroes. She was a remarkable and intriguing woman who was murdered in her own workshop.

Lace Pendant (white on black) by Kyo Hashimoto
Kyo’s jewellery is amazing, I’d like to put one of everything on this list!

3 Ring Mahogany Earrings by orno
I have lusted after these earrings for ages, and they keep popping up on other people’s blogs too… just to taunt me!

Oceana Demi Lune by paulus
This is a splurge, but my gods what a piece of furniture!

These are only a few of the items I’m sure I’ll lust after…


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