What gets you through the day?

Soon I willhave my revenge

I asked my friends a few questions and let their answers guide me.

This is just an exercise in illustration I guess. I’ve been pretty busy (thanks silly season) but I wanted to make a few designs that incorporated copy. I’m going to keep adding to this set on flickr. Check back regularly!

In other news, it feels like technology is conspiring against me. My inkjet isn’t printing properly (the colours are all faded even though it’s a new cartridge!) and I can’t use three canvases that I bought because the priming medium is too thick/ non-porous. It’s all a bit depressing!

Today I’m going to do a clean up and purge all the bad craft vibes. I bought some nice stackable storage boxes on castors that are going to house all my homeless art materials.


  1. I created the above pattern for the illustration in the entry below and thought I should submit it to Naked & Angry because I wasn’t really happy with my first submissions. I’m at least happy with the balance in this pattern, as well as the colour sch

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