I have a scanner at last!

Paisley Explosion

Well, I’ve had it for a few months but it was missing a power cable and USB cord. I’ve felt a little lost without a scanner, and now I can scan in my doodles and colour them. As if I don’t have enough arty/ crafty endeavours already!

I’ve also put some of my illustrations up for sale on imagekind.com. Check them out – you can buy a simple print, or you can create a custom frame/ mat combination, or even order a canvas print! The prices are really reasonable too, and of course they give me a decent cut of the profits too, which is nice!

Lilac Paisleys in the Sun


As well as these illustrations, I’ve also completed a few more paintings, three of which will go up in a cafe for sale. I’ll post pictures once I’ve delivered and installed them!

In other news, I’m having a huge problem with spam trackbacks at the moment. I can’t seem to disable trackbacks fully or find some verification tool that only allows genuine trackbacks. Please help, blogland!