Today’s found images

If I can’t have a ffffound account, well I’m just going to dump images I like here! Hope you enjoy as much as I did – I think I’m a freak, I totally pour over images I find!

This is one of the posters that LA Pop Art create – they’ve used the first four chapters of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland to illustrate this scene. Awesome.

I found this in a vintage picture community – my eye was drawn to the detailing on the tablecloth immediately.

Patterns from the spines of Penguin books (via ffffound via The Serif)

Delicious Wood type notecards from Cary Graphic Arts Press – $7 for 8 cards, bargain! (via ffffound)

I love that ffffound can connect me to sites I’d never think to look at. This beautiful example of leaf script is from a page that teaches you the technique! Visit Sam Alfano’s Tips & Tricks for Hand Engravers for a LOT more.

another monster head found in a circle trap by Mindy Shapero (via ffffound)

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