Infinity is for Lovers


Another Valentine’s related piece but this time it’s the one I drew for my fiance for V day!

I received my copy of Marian BantjesFox River collaboration the other day and I’ve been utterly inspired ever since. I tell you what though, it was SO hard trying to get a copy of this to Australia! Luckily I found a kind soul in the US who offered to order and mail me a copy. Incredibly, it even took them months to obtain it from Fox River! I’m just glad I have this wonderful booklet in my possession now!

Can you tell I’m totally digging the Bantjes vibe in Infinity?

Also – I did make all my personal photos on flickr private, however the ones posted here should be public again. They’re still showing up as unavailable for me though :(


  1. The awesome chick who got me my copy had to bother Fox River quite a few times in order to get the two copies she ordered. She said it took months and months!

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