Late night bridezilla

Image from FAFI’s myspace.

So, I was catching up on my poor little neglected google reader (at you-should-go-to-bed o’ clock) when I came across Gala’s post about the new Fafi for MAC range. I’ve been excited about this range, because I love Fafi as an artist and I love MAC, so how could they go wrong? Surely it’s some kind of divine formula created to part me with my money!

Today I went out with my sister to get beautified (skin peel, facial, shopping etc!) and we were looking around for a lip colour that would suit the bridesmaids and maybe even me for the wedding day. We’re going for a coral with depth right in the middle. I bought a couple of Revlon lippies, one a coral colour and the other one of the dark velvet range (I’m hopeless with product names) but I wasn’t really happy with either, separate or combined so I was a bit bummed.

Image from

Imagine my squees of joy when I see a beautiful kissy pair of lips with the most awesome coral/ peach coloured Lustre Lipstick by MAC in Strawbaby! I think we have a winner! In fact, all of the lip colours are totally wearable and could be in the race to get on our lips on the big day.

I can’t wait until March until the Fafi range is released in Australia!

In other wedding related news, my dress and the girls’ dresses are coming along beautifully. I wish I could share some pictures with you but it must remain a secret…! I can say that I’m incredibly happy with how everything is coming to life. As a designer, it’s my job to bring things from a sketch or a doodle into fruition… but I’ve never embarked on anything as ambitious as this wedding, let alone the dresses. It’s a completely satisfying feeling!

Who knows, I might just get into designing alternative bridal wear ;)


  1. Galadarling’s blog is rather awesome, I like her a lot.

    Omg, you should see us over at Vogue or the The Fashion Spot, the squeeing over the Fafi collection has reached epic proportions. I’m totally getting the Hipness blush and Flash ‘n’ Dash lipstick. This is the only collection that’s made me rather excited (oh, apart from the Matte collection and the Slimshines, heh).

  2. I’ve also been waiting for this collection to hit the shops. Strawbaby is the standout for me as well and my lips are waiting in anticipation.
    Yes, design some alternative bridal wear. I went the alternative route but ended up with some medieval mishmash. There is much more choice now, but your eye for striking design you could be on to a winner!

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