Pinch and a Punch

Does anyone else whisper “White Rabbit” (or “Rabbit Rabbit”) to themselves upon waking on the first of a month? It’s a silly habit I have from when I was a kid, when my mum would jump out and try to deliver a pinch and a punch for the first day of the month.

“But I said White Rabbit! You can’t pinch and punch me!” we usually protested.

Even now, when mum lives in a different suburb, I’m still worried about someone jumping out and surprising me with a pinch and a punch!!

Superstitions aside, today marks six weeks until my wedding! I’m a little bit worried that something will undo all the careful planning and good organisation that I’ve accomplished so far, but most people tell me to stop being so negative. ;) My dress is on track; the seamstress is awaiting the pleating to come back from her pleating people and once it has arrived my dress will be almost finished! The bridesmaid dresses are going to look amazing… I’m astounded at what good taste I have! Basically, it’s my job to think up a concept and bring it into being, but this was my first time designing dresses (my own and the bridesmaids’) and now that they are taking form I’m thrilled to bits!!

Life is very hectic at the moment with all the wedding planning, small freelance projects and events that are unfolding. In some dreadful news, my nana is very ill in hospital at the moment. I can only hope that if she is strong enough she can make it to the wedding to see me in my dress.

Semi-Permanent is coming to Brisbane on April 12! I am so excited, but nervous about being able to factor it into our very wedding impacted budget. I have been wanting to go to one of these events for a long time!! It is a week before the wedding, and I’m not sure if attending would be silly of me. I really want to be around other creatives even if just for a day… freelancing is so isolated!