Illustration of the Now


Sup guys! I thought I’d remind you that you can buy a print of one my illustrations over at RedBubble, including a new series of girly girls in various states of undress (mostly undressed if your computering environment isn’t conducive to naked illustrated chicks). I’m kind of oblivious to nudity in art or design, but I guess some people might like to stay “work safe” as a general rule, so that’s why I posted this image here!

It’s high time for me to get some kind of portfolio up on this website, but I’m having a hard time figuring out which CMS to use. I need something that allows me to post images in a gallery format, as well as post entries to a blog. Hey there’s a hole in the market someone can fill! Quick! Though, if someone’s already come up with a solution to this problem – please let me know!

I hope everyone has had a safe long weekend thus far. There’s one more day left, so don’t go doing anything silly!