Office Envy – Google’s Zurich office

Years ago photos of one of Google’s US offices circulated the internet and made many cube-dwellers green with envy, hell I was one of them. I’ve just come across photos of Google’s Zurich office… and man, all I can say is I’m totally going to go to them, hand in cap, and ask if they need someone else to draw pretty Google logos every day of the year!!

“Oh, your 9am is downstairs”
“Super, I’ll just TAKE THE SLIDE down to the foyer”
“Rightio then!”

For a while, the most fun thing we had in our lunch room at a former workplace was a ping pong table and a boiling water machine that sporadically dispensed “SURPRISE 3rd degree burns”. Obviously, it was far superior to this lunch room. :(

“Let’s go brainstorm… but I bags the boat.”

One of my old workmates came up with business hammocks as a motivational tool…

WHAT?! They have them too?!!

Go to the Google Zurich Picassa album to view more!