aaaand we’re back!

Literally. The last two weeks have been super exciting, and not for the reasons that you might suspect!

A few days before the wedding my site hit its bandwidth limit, and after being stressed out for five minutes I just resigned to leave it until after the wedding. It turns out that quite a few of you really really like me! It is also apparent that I’ve been the target of spam attacks, which probably also contributed to the embarrassing downtime. I have my trusty technician husband (!) slogging through all the logs on the server to figure out what the real problem was, and then he’ll explain it to me in 2 or 3 syllable words so that I then understand.

I’ve upgraded my hosting package which kind of hurts the old hip pocket to be truthful. In the past, I’ve been loath to consider advertising on my blog, but at the moment it’s a very sensible solution for helping to solve the minor financial drain!!

Speaking of financial drains (oh, smooth segue!) we had our wedding on the weekend! But more about that later… ;)