A little taste of our wedding!

Wedding Mosaic
I thought I’d post a little teaser of moments from our wedding on Saturday. It was an amazing day! We were all on the edge of our seats and hoping for the rain to hold out. Of course, it held out – but the wind was relentless in its quest to tear down all my carefully made pom poms and lanterns and make an absolute mockery of our hair styles.

The above photos were mostly taken by friends and relatives – but the big image was a teaser from my photographer Kate. It so happened that we were merrily having a game of imaginary croquet (well, the jack was imaginary!) and I stood square in some very real and not at all imaginary dog poo.

I promise to update straight away when I receive more pro shots!


  1. Ah my beautiful red bride! I tried to wish you luck and kaboom I broke it! I LOVE ti! Your bridesmaids little hats. the detail on your gown, your brown hair- so much! Ah congratulations!

  2. i love, love, LOVE the colour of your dress (and the design too, i think, i have to see more photos ;D).

    both of you looked fantastic!

  3. wow, you’re one brave bride to wear a red dress. But kudos to you – you look gorgeous in it, that dress is stunning! Congratulations! More photos, please :-)

  4. I had to look around for pictures of your wedding after you said your sister’s was more traditional. Wow–looks like your wedding was awesome! That dress is amazing on you. My husband and I had a traditional wedding more like your sister’s, and I think our mothers and grandmothers would’ve fainted had I decided on a dress that wasn’t white. I had to insist that I didn’t want the veil over my face as I walked down the aisle. There is way too much emphasis placed on what is “proper” and traditional. I bet you had a day none of the guests will ever forget!

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