Draw your arm off on June 7

invoicing doodle

In case you hadn’t noticed, I love drawing. I take a pen and paper everywhere just so I can doodle – I doodled through school and university, meetings (like the above), tv shows, and lectures from my parents! I was excited to find out from Jo on RedBubble that there is an international drawing day named “Drawing Day” that is starting this year on June 7! I hold the firm belief that everyone can draw. It’s a learnt technical skill, not a mythical god given gift, and through a bit of study anyone can pick up a pencil and render a scene or a concept.

Drawing is a way of clearing my own mind, and it helps me to think through ideas as well as to be receptive to new ideas. My teachers used to scold me for “not listening” when they were teaching a lesson and I was furiously scribbling with my biros, when in reality I was listening very carefully and receiving absolutely everything they were saying. Once I explained it to them and recounted word for word the lesson that they were teaching, they were quite happy to let me doodle through their lessons. I’ve had the same problem when I’ve sat in meetings… but, hellooooo – I’m a designer!

There are so many ways to participate in Drawing Day 08, but the way I’m going to participate is by uploading my drawings to the Drawing Day flickr pool, and posting them here on my blog. If you’re going to participate, comment here so I can post everyone’s drawings in a special Drawing Day post! If you’ve never said hello before, this is the perfect way to break the ice :D

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  1. i realize this is a really old post, but my mom sent me a link to it because i doodle like crazy- and i literally draw my arm off! :) http://belle2820.tumblr.com/ i thought i'd just share it with you… i missed Drawing Day '10, but i look forward to it next year! i also saw your “my doodles (how rude) post” and really enjoyed that- it was awesome!

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