Own some of my original artwork!

Paisley Hell
Paisley Hell – $300
504 x 609 mm

When I put these paintings up at the cafe my friend works at a lot of people online were interested in them. Fortunately for you, they didn’t sell at the cafe (I suspect people didn’t know they were for sale because my artist’s cards were removed from beneath them) and I have picked them up, so they are available directly from me now.

I will gladly ship within Australia as well as overseas, but p&h will be extra and insurance is recommended. I accept PayPal, or Direct Deposit if you have an Australian bank account. All works feature painted sides, title of piece on rear, and are signed under “N.Baird”.

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Waterlogged Paisley
Waterlogged Paisley – $300
504 x 609 mm

Fresh Paisley from the Garden
Fresh Paisley from the Garden – $300
504 x 609 mm

Waterlogged Paisleys
Post-Drizzle Paisley – $200
300 x 609 mm

I have another one that is almost ready in earthen browns and blues. I’ll post it when it’s finished.

Don’t forget, you can buy really affordable prints of my artwork from RedBubble!