In other news, there is no news

This strangely moves me… and by the way, how amazing is it that you can now post videos on Flickr?

I found it on TwitBuzz, after rediscovering my own neglected Twitter account. Join me! It’s (reportedly) the cool thing to do. Maybe one day I’ll Twitter about something incredibly embarrassing and instantly regret ever signing up for an account. And then I’ll Twitter about that regret.

I have heard rumours that Twitter is addictive, but I’m still not convinced. Maybe because I don’t have my sms messages enabled. Maybe because I’m not following enough people. I’m not sure what the magic formula for Twitter addiction is. Perhaps if I give it a chance, and let it invade my life, I will have no choice but to succumb?

In a Billy Connelly way of doing things, this brings me back to the above video. There’s absolutely no way that there can ever be a “no news day” in this era, not when people can bug you with their micro-blog posts on your mobile phone!