Mum, where does fabric come from?

I just adore textiles. There are so many new textile designers emerging in Australia and it’s incredibly exciting for me because it’s something I have always wanted to get into. I read the blogs of Kristin Doran, Lara Cameron, Danielle Smeets and Bianca van Meeuwen and besides the longing I have to own some of their fabric, I would love to be able to do similar things.

Kristin Doran’s Dandelion Garden; Bianca van Meeuwen’s Icy Blue Floating; Lara Cameron’s Gingo in Robin’s Egg; Danielle Smeets’ Flower Garden in mustard yellow.

The whole process has been a mystery to me, but I know it involves screen printing – something I have done a bit of at university, but nothing as complicated as patterns printed on bolts of fabric! I have always been way too intimidated by the entire process to enquire, but lucky for me (and you?) Craft linked to an amazing blog post about how Marimekko fabrics are made and it has somewhat demystified things…. but those big machines sure look scary and expensive!

I may just be insane enough to simply get a silkscreen created and start doing it myself now! Does anyone have a long table and a garage I can borrow?


  1. I’ve actually checked some of them out – I emailed a Sydney based digital fabric printer the other day but they haven’t responded to me :(

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