Pansies, ranunculus and hydrangea – oh my!

Flowers that make me happy
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Recently I haven’t felt very cheery – too much introspection coupled with an RSI flare up make for an unhappy Natalie. I do love flowers though, and I really wish I lived in a place with a garden full of my favourite flowers (or next to a flower market) so I could have fresh flowers every day.

I found these flowers on flickr and they’ve provided me not only with a bit of cheer, but also with some inspiration too. I hope they can do the same for you!

The best thing about these flowers is they never die! Perfect for a black thumb like me… I am cursed when it comes to tending flora.


  1. Honestly, I can’t believe how similar we are ;D I adore flowers, I love love love buying them for myself. Flowers DO something to a house that nothing else can.

    I have a black thumb too so when I wanted flowers in the garden last year, I decided to go with Jasmine along a fence. And I didn’t kill them. In fact, they’re doing really well. Woo!

    BTW, several posts after yours on my feeds this morn, I read someone’s post on designsponge I think, who linked to this website. Mmmmm.

  2. I went to the Rocklea flower markets earlier in the year when we were scoping out florists and discovered ranunculus and even now the memory of them cheers me up! They are SO hardy too, they lasted for like two weeks!

    We tried to grow herbs and a succulent but they parted this world in a sorry state because we live on a very busy main road, and we don’t get any natural sunlight in our little box :(

    Those flowers on Saipua are awesome. I love wildly arranged flowers so much.

  3. Ranunculus are beautiful (I had to google them to see which ones they were), they’re so stunning, I don’t recall seeing many of them around. All those layers!

    That’s a bummer about the herbs and succulent. I love both of those also, though I daren’t try my hand at keeping them alive, I have seriously killed CACTUS before. I’ve had a jade plant for years and years though, so we bought another one the other day. There’s several different types and they’re soooo hardy.

  4. ah, a kindrid spirit….i too have a black thumb but love the joy of flowers and would love to have a garden full of my fav. At least this flicker link can give me some cheer whilst i work.


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