My Drawing Day efforts

RSI or bust

Well, Drawing Day is coming to a close for me (but if you don’t live in the future like me, you still have heaps of time!) so I thought I should post the drawings I did today. It was a challenge, I’ll admit, because when I sat down to draw this afternoon my shoulder started playing up something shocking and so my drawings kind of took on the bitterness I feel towards the RSI I suffer from.

Paisley Killer, Quest Que Cest

Self Portrait with Paisley

I also drew a self portrait for a Drawing Day challenge over on Red Bubble, and tied for first place with Paul!

Tomorrow evening I will post a few entries covering my favourite Drawing Day drawings picked from Red Bubble and Flickr. Did you participate? Are you blogging DD08? Let me know!


  1. See comment below Kate’s photograph.. Stupid me put it in the wrong spot =)

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