Kate O’Brien photography

I am so lucky to have such gorgeous and talented friends! This photo is by Kate O’Brien and my friend Jilly is also the model! Erin Gallienne did hair and make up, and while I don’t know her, she’s pretty damned gifted too!

I get really excited about some of the stuff that is coming out of Brisbane, but disappointed when there isn’t very much airplay. Kate deserves awesome props – she has an uncanny knack for styling, a discerning eye for colour, and fabulous post processing skills that set her apart from other art photographers.

This is also a really cool example of how my Starburst vectors can be used in photography!


  1. You seriously are cool! Your new avatar looks sensational chick and I can’t believe you whipped it up in 2 hours…. I bow to your superior coolness and creativity! =)

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