The Thirty Day Challenge

This is just a note to let you all know that I’m going to be participating in the Thirty Day Challenge this year. If you are keen to track my progress, please feel free to check out my team’s blog – “Blogging the Thirty Day Challenge” and to subscribe to it in your favourite RSS reader. The reasoning behind setting up the blog was to be as transparent as possible about the techniques behind 30DC, and to open up an honest dialogue about social media and marketing.

The 30DC is a free exercise in internet marketing which starts in August. At the moment we’re in pre-season training, which is a series of blog and video posts about the free applications and programs you need to install to participate. Not all of the programs/ apps are essential but they make life easier. A big part of the challenge is using the Flock browser, which is a pretty easy transition for me as it’s based on Firefox but has bonus social media stuff included.

Disclaimer: All my links to the Thirty Day Challenge use my member referral link and every time one of you lovely people signs up using my member link I get points. Apparently there’s going to be a prize for the person with the most points, so if you’re happy to support me please feel free to use my links – but if you want to join up, and don’t want to give me a point for doing so, you can click this link.

Also – I’m going to try to restrict my 30DC activity to our team’s blog, but I think at some stage I will probably be using 30DC tips and tricks for my online presence. If you think I’m getting spammy, or if it’s making you uncomfortable, please let me know. I don’t want to damage whatever reputation I may have, and I feel it’s important not to get spammy and to maintain trust between the people I associate with and myself!