Spread Firefox. Today!

Today is Download Day!

From my stats I know that half of you already use Firefox, you guys get cupcakes. Before I’ll even consider cracking open my second Tupperware full of cupcakes, the rest of you need to download Firefox.

Why do I use Firefox?

  • Firefox renders websites correctly, IE masks coding errors.
  • By using Firefox you’re helping web developers look to the future, rather than spend so much time on backwards compatibility.
  • Add-ons! I have a boat load of add-ons, from StumbleUpon to Firebug. Handiest things EVER.
  • It makes you cool. No word of a lie.

Why do you use Firefox?


  1. I love firefox. I open a zillion tabs at once. I also have the twitterfox add on so I don’t eed a seperate program open to update my twitter.

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