Dripbook coming out of beta

Dripbook just sent an email announcing that they are coming out of beta!

I’ve blogged about Dripbook in earlier entries but for the uninitiated, Dripbook is a beautiful little site offering a really compact and portable portfolio facility. They offer creatives a simple way to package their works on site in the form of flash books and also the ability to export your portfolio to your own site with minimal fuss. The diversity of creative workers using Dripbook is quite staggering – I have come across stylists, fashion designers, industrial designers, illustrators, photographers, make up artists and more. I’m a big fan of Dripbook, I even have bumper stickers (no really!)

On July 1 they will be launching version 1 after being in beta testing mode for the past year. Basically, what it means is you will no longer be able to register a free account, and the cost of a Premium account will double – however current Premium account plans and fees will be frozen. They have announced that they’d prefer to focus on providing even more services to creatives, which is exciting to see but sad at the same time.

I have a number of Dripbook invites if you’re curious about signing up to use either the free service or one of the premium plans at the current prices that will be frozen after July 1. If you would like an invite, please leave me a comment and be sure to pop in the form your email address and a website (like flickr) where I can see a little bit of your work. I will be the only person who can see your email address, and I promise not to sign you up for spam galore :D

Want a Dripbook account? Go!


  1. I just sent an invite from Dripbook – I hope it works because I didn’t think you’d be able to send invitations beyond July 1!

  2. OMG, I would luuuvvvv to get on Dripbook! The member pages are so clean… and I could cut the hassle out of my website updates if I got a paid account.

    Have any invites left?

  3. Thanks Natalie! I’ll send you my new “Dripbook” website when it’s done. I’m so geeked right now!

  4. Hey Natalie,
    Looks like I found this about a year after everyone else. I'm an aspiring art director
    and need to get a nice looking web based portfolio. I have a physical copy of it. I do a bit of video production and photography. I haven't upload a lot of stuff, but can show you some spec ads. I've looked at all the other services that do portfolio hosting and they don't seem to compare favorably. It would help me out so much if its possible to still send an invite. Thanks,


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