Lettering by hand

Lately I’ve really been getting into hand lettering. I’m totally inspired by Marian Bantjes, Linzie Hunter and Chris Piascik amongst a few others. For a long time I’ve felt either overwhelmed or just flat out imprisoned by computer fonts, so I’m enjoying the freedom of shaping my own words.

These are a few of my recent favourites from the Hand Drawn Type pool on flickr.

I could study Chris Piascik‘s letter forms all day – his ability to form unique letters knows no bounds!

Linzie Hunter‘s darling work! This is my favourite, because it’s totally girly and completely appropriate to the subject.

by Natasha at vemod.no – I was gobsmacked when I saw her cute physical portfolio the other day!

by Francisco Martins

by pulluptheroots

by Gemma Correll

by Jon Contino